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The age of the brushes


Since always I´ve been a neat person with all that things I Love, and my brushes weren´t the exception to this rule.
If a brush wasn´t neat and clean like new it seems to me it wasn´t good enough.
I remember the first brushes I bought, some of them are still with me, they evolve with me, we made each other.
We evolve as an artist is the same way we evolve in our life, sometimes we think that something will never fit with us and we say - This isn´t for me -
With the pass of the years I've learned that the expression - I will Never do this - must say - I won´t do this in the present, who knows in the future -

I've learned that what today doesn´t goes with me tomorrow may fit perfect in my life.
When I started painting I did it with very small brushes and it took me years to finish a Mandala, but I fill comfort and sure, and I think that no other brushes will let me fill that way.
Sometime after that I started using bigger brushes and that seemed to be the best of the world too!
At last I learned the lesson,  using all my brushes is like seeing life from different points of view.
With the use and the pass of the years that first brushes lost their glamour but get wiser.
Today I understand that years add experience, something we can´t buy or borrow. My old brushes are the most precious treasure in my studio, they walked with me in my artistic journey and they still do it.
No new brush can replace their brush strokes.

Today when I buy new brushes I know that the good times will come with the time and the experience.
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