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The Age of Love


The New Age is here, can you feel it?
I have to say that the last time some knocks had made me stumble...or maybe I was like ancient tree roots hidden in that dark and warm place where to nurture ourselves.
The truth is that since last night I can´t stop feeling the Love.

Don´t ask me what happened because I won´t be able to explain it, don´t ask me how was it because I don´t have a clear register, but I can tell you that this Mandala of Compassion was made in the dawn of 11.11.11 and since then I can´t stop feeling the Love and compassion.
Yesterday all was doubt, today all is something more than all is Faith
Faith in Everything
Faith in You
Faith in My Self
Faith en We as the Body of Evolution
...I write this moved and full of Love.
Times for the brave ones are comming...times for those who tolerates living in Love, who accept feeling without explainig, touching without asking our selves, looking into the eyes without being ashamed.
...this are times in wich I want to Live!

Female times are arriving where we have to stop DOING and start FEELING.
What a challenge, isn´t it? we´d lived all our human existence trying to understand and just now we realize The Secret is to feel and not to think, the key is to trust without conditioning.

Today I have some answers that yesterday I didn´t had and was looking since months ago, that answers came from feeling and letting this Mandala express itself.
I appreciate your visit to my virtual spot.
...and I Hug you♥

Remember this!

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