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Embrace your own beauty!


Hi! it`s me waving from the south part of the Universe :-)
I have to tell you I`m finding this blogging thing it`s finally catching me, I`m slowly but strongly falling in love with our virtual meetings♥ 
In other order of things I`ve been painting like crazy, lots lots and lots!
Faces, abstracts, and more.

Here`s a taster of what I`m on
Embrace your own beauty
I`ve been painting this colorfull faces once and again and I`m really happy with the pieces I`m bringing out, it feels like something big is blooming.
I had all that full colored portraits on my mind since a long time ago and I don´t know what happened but in the blink of an eye they start flowing and I have more already done!!
I`ll share them in future posts.

... in fact I`m thinking in turning this faces into a class...what do you think?

Embrace your own beauty. Detail
Crazy about colors.
The right side quote says: Believe in the healing power of colors♥
Speaking about classes...did I told you my next class it`s coming?


*** Registration is OPEN ***

and I have an EARLY DISCOUNT for those who sign in before the 1rst of December.

Class starts next 8 of January and I`m super exited about it!

We are not only going to paint but also work on releasing...releasing layers of paint, releasing intentions to the Universe and letting go all that stuff we don´t need :-)
Embracing our beauty and working together towards our best dreams♥

It sounds fun isn`t it? 
We are going to use inks, acrylics, oil pastels, fingerpainting -of course!!-, 
masking and lots more! it will be intense and me ;-)
I utterly want you to join the fun :-)

see you next week
Love deeply and breath...♥
♥ Guada ♥
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