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Release! an inner trip to yourself


Hello beautiful people! Hope you`re doing all great :-)

I know most of you are in the cold part of the world but here in Argentina we`re in the middle of the spring and everything is blooming!

The view from my balcony
Flowers are growing colorful and the temperature is rising as we move forward to summer.

Another thing rising are the members of we reached over 420 souls this week, that made me so happy and thankful with all of you.

The last weeks I`ve been working on my next workshop Release!

The idea for this workshop emerged from my personal inner work, I`m trying to release and get rid from some patterns I don´t want any more in my life and also releasing wishes I had locked in my heart, they were waiting for me to shout them out loud!

Class will cover lots! We`re moving into:

·         Inks, Acrylics, Oil pastels, Markers, Masking and stencil, Collage, Abstract and more!

And lots of inner work!
Do you ask yourself what`s stopping you for living your wildest dreams? 
The answer is fear my loves, fear to succeed, to have to resign your “comfortable” place in the world to step out there and reclaim what our soul is shouting for, more art, more mess in our paints, stop following some others rules and embracing our own ones.

"Can you remember who you were before the world talk you who you should be?" from The Fire Starter Sessions. Danielle LaPorte

So that’s what we`ll build on this class, we`ll build new rules on our own terms :-) 
This time of the year is the perfect time for that.

You can´t fill a jar it`s already full, you have to empty yourself to be able to embrace the new.

Is your inner voice shouting: yes yes I want to take this class! then take it!
Is your inner voice quiet…shhh listen carefully…it`s still quiet? …only you have the right answer for that, follow your own voice and trust.

Class will also include guided meditation audio to help you to center yourself and live stream chat with moi♥

Release isn´t just an art`s an inner trip to yourself.

I believe in the healing power of dreams and my dream is to help you to make a difference in your life.

Love and Light
♥ Guada ♥

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