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we had a deal, I`ll paint Connected to Earth


Hello amazing beings!
wohoo today is Christmas day and I fell like Santa bringing you the winner of the giveaway :-)

First of all let me thank you all for your help, finally Connected to Nature was the winner so I`ll start painting her in the next few days :-)

As always I used to do the draw, and the winner is…

Cary Scholes! Yay!!
Congratulations Cary, I`ll send you the digital jpg once the painting is finished and of course I`ll post the process here so everyone can enjoy it.

I have so much good news!!

I`m working on my very first Mandala Goddesses colouring e-book♥ 
Hope you all like it because I just adore how it`s looking, it will be great!

and don´t forget! 
Release! is starting soon and you have the last days to sign in with the early discount
Join us!

Merry Christmas to all and hope you can enjoy with your beloved ones
Love and light for your days♥


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