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an ancient wisdom lives within me..


before moving forward to our next Totem Animal I want to share with you why sea turtles are so meaningful in my life and why this animal was the signal of something new in the horizon...

A few years ago when I startet teaching Mandalas and Meditation I had to learn how to lead people into a meditation...I was very concerned about this and had lots of questions on mymind...what if my voice isn´t gentle and disturb people, what if the relaxation was to fast, or to slow? what if, what if...there was so much roaming in my errant mind I was loosing focus, my focus.

One morning a good friend called, she leads great meditations so I talked to her about my concerns and she gave me the key, she asked me: do you do the meditation while you lead it? obviously I wasn´t...

I thought speaking at the same time I go on with the process wouldn`t be able but it was, I needed two or three classes to get used to it but it worth it.

Meditating with a group of people is very differenet than doing it alone, the arising energy of the group always makes your own meditation more powerful and intense.

With every class I feelt more confortable and aligned with my purpous and work within the group.

My meditations has mostly three stages well define, a relaxation, a visualization which ends in releasing your mind and follow your own inner view.

I never prepair anything for the visualization stage, sometimes I lead the group to the sea, others to the mountains or to their inner tree...I just flow with the energy of the moment.

One morning I started the relaxation and the images lead me and the gruop to the ocean, a deep ocean, blue, with cristaline waters...once I lead the group there I release them, and me to go where ever the mind leads us.

I started swiming, amazed for the inner silence that deep ocean took me in...and then it happened, I saw a sea turtle, huge! magnificient! you can realize it was a very ancient and wisdom animal, her energy was so gentle...she moves slowly and secure, so beautiful!  

For one second to another the turtle was swimming fast showing me the beauty of the immense ocean where she lives. 

Suddenly I realized I lost the turtle from my view she was there, I could feel her but couldn`t see it...I look arround just to realize that the turtle was me!... I could see how my hands weren´t hands any more they where the turtle legs, and my nose was her pic...I felt beyond words FREE, beyond words happy and in my domain, I feel back in home.

It was so hard to come back to the Earth again...but the glance of that moment is always in me because I know her power lives in me.

After that she came to me in other ways, many ways, many times, she comes in dreams, in signals...I call her and she came to me through Jay`s beautiful art, and all this became a challenge which is leading me beyond expected.

I listen to the call and I`m spreading the power of her love.

Love and light for your souls

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