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Here I am again, ready to learn and draw


I love drawing!

Beign able to draw what ever I want is one of my most precious goals, I`ve always dreamed to be able to put in a drawing what`s on my mind.

Until some months ago I believed I`d never be able to draw anything beside a stiff portrait (wich I`ve been working on for the last 2 years).

I struggled with my mind limitations about my drawing skills for a long time until the magic wand of Jane Davenport did magic in my sketch book :-)

Last year I started taking Jane`s workshops and finaly get to do the Joynal on line workshop

In the first lesson of Joynal I draw this piece  and I was in love and amazed I did it in half an hour and felt so so free! That was just the begining.

This drawing make me realize how blocked I was so I challenge myself to stop thinking "you wont be able to draw that" and just pick a pencil and do the work...sounds simple? that`s because it is simple! the hard thing is to stop thinking and start doing it.

I followed drawing and a whole world of posibilitys was born.

Yesterday another wonderful artist inspired me, 
is drawing daily faces and posting them in his blog.

His faces are amazing! and he draws them every day! that made me thought...I need to draw more and more, I need to draw every day!

and that`s what I started doing :-)

Yesterday and today drawings inspired in Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton`s version

Queen of Hearts and the cat

The white rabbit and study of hand

Queen of Hearts and study on pig and hands
My mind set changed so much that I`m actually doing studys of that drawings I stuggle with and I`m having a good time :-)
so, here I am again, ready to learn, ready to go for my goal

Love and Light

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