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Meet Guinevere


Sculpting was my first love
I sculpted some characters in the past until I picked a brush for the first time and realized painting was my passion.

But some time ago I started to feel the "sculpting itch" again
I felt the calling for a doll :-)
a sweet doll which make me feel in love with sculpting again

...and then she came to me ♥

meet my newborn Guinevere

It was such a joy to sculpt her!
I took a two days workshop with an amazing teacher who remind me some old tricks and teach me some new ones :-)

but there´s more...
when I was puting the final touches and embellishment her name came to me
I said: " Hi Guinevere! welcome sweet doll"

Guinevere is not a comun name in Argentina and today I ask myself why did you call her Guinevere Guada?
so I googled and couldn´t believe what I found.

Guinevere (Genoveva in spanish) is the main saint of Paris...
and she has long braids as my Guinevere...

Ste genevieve st etienne

so in love with this blink from the Universe♥

More dolls will be born soon

Have a great weekend and remember to stay creative!
Love and light

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