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The name of the game is Practice


For the last weeks I´ve been sharing some videos on my Youtube chanel to inspire you.
I´m convinced that a good drawing is the foundation of a good painting 
and as a big part of my art practice I sketch almost every day.
I started this practice a year ago and it really pays off, 
with every little sketch I learn something new for my next painting :-)

Every Tuesday during October I´ll keep sharing one of this videos per week
so, if you don´t want to miss them you can subscribe to my Youtube channel  and choose to receive my videos on your mail inbox :-)

Watch this video here

I´ve already covered front and three quarter portrait and as this videos are also part of my Ghost Girls Class I plan to cover profile and front tilted portraits too.

Watch this video here

Hope you like them! you´re welcome to leave me a comment or share them with your artsy friends too.

Have a great day and remember to stay creative <3

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