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Whisper soft words to me...


Hi lovely peeps! know
 ...sometimes the message has to go all around to come back to you ♥

I did this piece during one of the Gut art lessons from Mystele´s class
I can´t tell you how much I love that woman and her art and class
you can check it here Gut Art 2013

 This little peep art piece make me think a lot about what messages am I sending with my art out to the world and the ways in which that messages come back to me every day through other artists art and my own students.

I want to spread love, self confidence and joy but I have a dark side everyone,
and sometimes I speak angry words as that grey-blue bird in the top left of my piece.

Other times I´m lost as the brown-creamy bird on the bottom left side...

...until someone whispers soft words to me 
and  the message comes back♥

whisper soft words to me ♥

So, what is your message?
I´ll LOVE to hear your peeps :)
Leave me a comment and share the love ♥

Hope you all have a beautiful day!

Remember to stay creative♥

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