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Guess who is he? and a Giveaway coming soon


Do you guess who is the man?
He´s not finished yet but you can still identify who he is...I hope :)

The stencils are amazing!
and there´s a BIG blog hop happening yay!
You have lots of chances to win Jill K. Berry stencils :)

Just visit the blogs listed below and enter the giveaways
Help us to pass the voice...share the love and love will come back to you♥

12/7 Artistcellar
12/8 Kecia Deveney
12/9 Sketchbook Challenge/Jill
12/10 Brian Kasstle
12/11 Mel Kolstad
12/12 Kim Rae Nugent
12/13 Jodi Ohl
12/14 Effy Wild
12/15 Tamara Laporte
12/16 Jane Davenport
12/17 Chris Cozen
12/18 Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal
12/19 Jill Berry

My turn will be next Wednesday 18th so stay tuned,
I´ll be sharing some step by step art piece inspired on

Have a great day
Love and light

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