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New Jill K Berry stencils by Artistcellar and a GIVEAWAY!



 Some weeks ago Lisa from Artistcellar invite me to take part in

Abstract and texture stencils are my favorite so I was really exited with the invitation.
The stencils are so cool! if you look them carefully you´ll find lovely words wisely hidden, love that! ♥

 Since I saw the stencils I wanted to make something really fun, I meet Jill some time ago when I started doing my Tiny Worlds paintings, by that time she invited me to her facebook Art Cartophiles group.

 So I thought ...what if I play with collage and build one of my tiny worlds map for her? :)

Let me show you the process:
  • I started painting some coffee filters, I usually wash and keep used coffee filters to recycle them in my art collage pieces
  • I just aplpy some acrylics with a palette knife using Jill´s stencils. I used them all: 069-Picasso, 070-Bird, 071-Gera, 072-Miro

  • After that I used my hand made circular gelli plate to build a colorful circle where to start :)
  • My next step was to collage down some of the coffee filters I painted with the stencils
  • Finally I add some contrast with black gesso

At this step she emerged
I was so exited!
...can you see the SING word at the bottom of her dress? I just ADORE that

  • First I painted around her with a bit of acrylics and finally I outlined her with a white Uni Posca marker 
  • I also outlined the different sectors of the map

Finally it was time to start doodling :) yay!!
This is by far my favorite part ♥
I tend to simplify my doodling, you know...sometimes less is the best option and besides the stencils did most of the work for me ;)
I used just black and white markers
The SING Queen
I´m convinced she´s an African queen with his long neck and colorful dress
more details...

What you probable don´t know is that by the time I started this Tiny World Sing Queen my mom was at hospital, she has a heart condition since long time ago and sometimes she needs some extra treatments at hospital.
There is no cure for what she has, we just need to walk through the hard times with her and take lovingly care of her.
This Queen and Jill´s stencils kept me busy in the nights when I came back from hospital, they were so much needed.
Remember my dear friends that this world is circular, everything in this wheel is perfect (even if it doesn´t feels like it is!), the SING Queen was waiting the perfect moment to step by my side and I´m grateful for that.

And now let´s go to what you all were waiting for

To enter the giveaway leave me a comment telling me:
 if you were a Queen or a King what kind of Queen or King would you be?
I would certainly be a Singing Queen!♥
don´t forget to leave your email in your comment too so we can contact you in case you win

You have more chances to win a set of Jill´s stencils
just visit the blogs on ths list, grab some inspiration from great artists, enter the giveaways and have fun!

12/7 Artistcellar
12/8 Kecia Deveney
12/9 Sketchbook Challenge/Jill
12/10 Brian Kasstle
12/11 Mel Kolstad
12/12 Kim Rae Nugent
12/13 Jodi Ohl
12/14 Effy Wild
12/15 Tamara Laporte
12/16 Jane Davenport
12/17 Chris Cozen
-->> you are here 12/18 Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal
12/19 Jill Berry

Remember: The official name of the stencils are “Artistcellar Signature Series Stencils by Jill K Berry” .The series is called “TEXTures 2″

You can order a set right here: Artistcellar

Have a nice day!
Love and light

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