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Bye bye my dear friend...♥


It´s a very sad morning here
Yesterday my beloved kitty Toby left us
he couldn´t heald any more pain.
The only thing I´m glad of is that his suffering is over.
I´m not a crying person, I barely cry ,but my friends...I can´t stop my tears since yesterday.
I love that litthe guy so much ♥

He was so sweet and loving, always sticked to me, sleeping by my side, always purring

Yesterday I realized I had him in my heart before we even meet each other...
Nine years ago when I moved by myself from my mom´s house I wanted a Siamese cat but couldn´t afford to buy one so I addopted Wednesday, my other kitty.

But the idea of a Siamese was still in my heart
two years after this I went to my brother´s father in law birthday
when I get there they told me: we are waiting for you, we have a problem..
I remember when I saw Toby the first time...he was so skinny and even like that he was so beautiful
He came to me and climb all the way to my neck, he rest his head on my shoulder and started to purr...
He was finally at home, and we never parted since then.

He loved my pillow, best place in the world...♥

This is how I want to remember him, always in my students arms
giving and receiving love...♥

I love you so much my little one
Hope you´re well and happy now, without any pain
See you in our next life together...♥
Mami miss you very much but time will help to heal

  Love and light

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