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NEW Sacred Hearts Series stencils from Artistcellar and a GIVEAWAY!


The fun part of this post is that 
Artistcellar has a brand new series of stencils

...aren´t them amazing?!

The not so fun part is that Lisa sent me the stencils 6 weeks ago
...but they didn´t arrived yet :(

We´re trying to convince captain Picard to borrow us the Star Trek transporter so I can receive things in time but we haven´t succeed yet :) LOL!

Anyway, I still did something pretty with other Artistcellar stencils I already had
to inspire you.

Some weeks ago one of my live students gave me a big bag with lots of cardboard pieces.
She said "I know you will love this" ...and she was so right!

The cardboards have the perfect size for bookmarks, so I just had to start painting!
  • The first step was to gesso them 
  • Then I put some random colors 
  • and finally I used Artistcellar stencils to add some shapes and texture
The stencils did the work really easy and fun, I love how versatile they are!

Once the first layers were dried I just pick some of them and started drawing and painting some characters.

Let me show you:

This little guy  is by far my favorite!

This was really fun and I have a lot more ready to paint at any time. you want to win a set of Sacred Hearts Series stencils? that´s easy!

You just need to leave me a comment below telling me which is your favorite book ever
I will choose a winner next Thursday 10 of April so stay tuned

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each one of them are also givin away a set :)

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You can order a set right HERE

Love and light♥

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