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Sitting Beauties Registration is open!


 I´m very happy to announce registration to Sitting Beauties is now open!

Do you want to learn how to draw and paint this cuties?
Then you are in the right place :)

what will you learn?
* how paint colorful and bright different backgrounds
* I will focus on how to sketch each of the girls and how to paint them detail by detail
* how to make collage flowers and carve corrugated cardboard.
* working on different surfaces and techniques 
* embellishments and final touches 

what will you get?
* you will receive a pdf with instructions and links to the class videos
* all videos are downloadable for you to keep for ever
You will also have access to a private group of students on facebook where to share your work, create community with other artsy souls and ask for my personal feedback
I want my classes to be affordable so you can take one class, two 
or the complete series classes, it´s all up to you and your budget.

Some supplies you will need:
• Corrugated cardboard, mdf board, watercolor paper, loose canvas.
• Heavy body gel medium
• Acrylics, acrylic inks, white gesso and water based mate varnish
• Black ball pen
• Graphite pencil and blending stump
• Stencils
• Paint markers
• Oil pastels and tupertine
• Collage papers

:: All the videos are downloadable so you can work at your own pace ::

Artistcellar Stencils Kit!
The lovely Lisa from Artistcellar has customized a stencils kit with a 
very generous 25% discount just for my students yay!

The kit includes the following stencils:
Sea foam, Cherry Blossom, Ripples, Brain Coral, Flower of life
...all the five stencils for just $18.50.- dols + shipping

Hope to see you in class
stay creative!

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