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About copyright and how do I approach other teachers classes


My version of Dana Christiansen lesson for Soul Food

Since I discovered how much I love mixed media and painting I´ve taken lots of on line classes with lots of amazing teachers. You probably have done the same, isn´t it?

The thing is I don´t like to copy, as an artist I suffered for people copying my art without my authorization lots of time, and believe me that wasn´t fun.

As a teacher I also know students need to copy in orther to learn and that´s OK 
In fact I really enjoy all the creativity it flows when I start a class, it´s very inspiring!

But when I have to approach a class from another teacher is a NO NO don´t copy for me.

So, I developed a super easy method I want to share with you :)

One of my favorite things in the world is to seat down with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy art videos. 
There´s always something new to learn, a new technique, new art supplies even new ways to approach art.
So, what I do is very simple, I just take a piece of paper and start making a list of what the artist is doing, step by step, as you see in the list below.

this is just a little part of my list for Dana´s lesson
I take note of the order in which the artist uses the art supplies or if she/he uses some range of colours I don´t usually use, etc.
Once I finish watching the videos I grab my art supplies and start creating with the list by my side, I try not to skip any step but at some point I put the list away and make the painting my own.

 some steps during the process

I use this method for the last years and I really enjoy it.
Hope this helps you too :)

 Now I want to share something interesting with you.
By the time I was writing this post I came accross with this two videos about what copying means for the human race and how it helps our culture to evolve.

I invite you to watch the videos, BOTH and make you own conclutions.

Since Gwenn Seemel is part of Soul Food faculty as I am, I have the pleasure to know a bit of her art making, and I really like it and like her spirit too. 
She´s always so cheerful and open, love that!

Gwenn´s web 
Gwenn´s blog

I have to tell you in some point I really share and understand her point of view but when I remember how frustrated I was when I saw people using my art without even telling me...well that´s not cool at all.
The fact is I am open to new points of view, really.
So maybe the next time someone does it I´ll have a new resource in my bag that makes me see the situation from a different perspective.
I´m always open to possibilities.
What about you?

Let´s make this a bit more interesting and make it our Giveaway Mondays prompt for this week ok?

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do you care?
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I want to know what you people have to say about this theme.

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