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It´s my Birthday! Let´s celebrate PWYC♥


Today I turn 44 and it feels sooooo good!

I can´t wait to celebrate with my little family.
Nothing is more important than that
family and having something to celebrate <3

We are a small group: my mum, my brother and his wife
and my two nephews...that´s all what I need to celebrate

Ohhh boy I love soooo much those two little souls.
Last night we took them to a pizza restaurant and my younger nephew
was wearing his "magic gloves". 
It was hard to convince him to take them least while
we were having dinner.

He says ideas hits his brain like thunders and then his body process them
My God....when I was 6 years old I didn´t even knew the meaning of the word process!!

yep, let´s face it, I´m getting older and they are the new generation
with different gens and a whole new genetic program in their system :)

Ok, let´s move to the artsy facts♥
I had this idea at the back of my mind for a long time
Since months ago I wanted to do a 

and I can´t think in a better occasion than today :)

So, this is the deal
I´m offering the WHOLE Sitting Beauties Series

which regular prize is $65.- dols

but for 48 hs you can


Please be sure to pay only through this link. Thanks!


I´m out now to celebrate :)
Love you all!

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