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Happy morning everyone!
I need to post really fast today since I have a very busy day
but I want to share this with you.

I´ve just joined #The100DayProject!
I´ve wanted to jump into this project for the last days
but really didn´t knew what to do...?

Today I came across with Carla Sonheim´s blog post about her
#100daysofcats ...and then there it was!

and I discovered I´m just loving all this doodling thing,
just grabing a pen or pencil and making nonsense marks can be sooooo fun,
deep and fascinating! 
I want to dig deeper on doodles and see where they lead me :)

So that´s the deal!
I´m doing #100daysofdoodles
I will also tag my posts as #100dayswithGuada so you can find mines directly


I really need to go now but I´ll be doing my doodles on this sticky notes
so I can play with them in the future (I have big plans! you´ll see).

So, are you joining?
Let me know if you´re already doing the challenge!
Let´s do this together!

One last thing...
Tiny Creatures opens for resgitration Tomorrow!
I´m so excited about the class

See you tomorrow

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