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11/30 Pencils are always pencils...and a Mandala step by step


Hello brave souls!
Yesterday it was a holiday in Argentina so I spent the day painting a new Mandala :)

Last week I painted the one below which I really LOVE!

I so loved painting it that I tried to do something similar but this time with watercolors.

I am used to build my Mandalas from the center to the outside step by step.

I start with a small circle, I design some geometry, then I add some paint.
In this case I used watercolor pencils and watercolor cakes. 
At last I addes some fine marker embellishments which is the funniest part!!

Once the 1rst circle is totally finished I add a 2nd one and start all the process again :)

you may ask why do I work on this way? 
why don´t I design the full Mandala at once and then paint it?

ok, this is on of my big secrets ;)
working like this helps me to stay IN THE PRESENT, with no furder expectations.

It helps me to stay open to any new ideas I may have.
It allows me to change things in the way.

But mostly it keeps me free of any conditioning or restrictment

I finally got here

and even though I enjoy it I have to say it
pencils are pencils!

Colored pencils where my 1rst love and I keep loving them more and more.

I always say Mandalas are like home 
but I must add painting Mandalas with colored pencils is always like home

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