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a sneak peek into my Festive Soul Food lesson


I´m so excited to show you bits of the art piece I did for this class!

Festive Soul Food is simple:
13 Teachers
3 Mixed Media lessons each week
All videos are downloadable so you can work at your own pace

Basically a LOT of fun packed in one BIG class for JUST $32.- dols

Check ou the teachers list, it´s amazing!

so...let me show you a bit of what I´ll teach you

Lots of texture and color!

The celebration I choose is the Pachamama festivity
wich I love!
so flowers were mandatory

I put all what I love in a canvas!
Mandala, Pachamama, textures, colors, flowers
it´s all there for you to JOIN and ENJOY

To watch my interview for the class click on the video

and don´t miss the promotional video!
you can see the style of each one of the teachers in class :)

Now....what are you waiting to join the party!
 GO GO GO and SIGN UP now

psstttt! don´t go yet...I have another cool news

In a couple of days I will announce my next class

BOOK OF THE EARTH is coming!

Stay tuned you DON´T WANT to miss this class

See you soon!
Be creative, stay focused in what you L♥VE

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