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To where are you focusing?


The last two days I´ve been thinking about where am I focusing?

I´ve been always a positive person with a positive mind.
I really believe every little fact in this life has a positive purpose, even the worst.

Two days ago I came across with a negative comment about my latest online class
Exploring Watercolor Portraits

The comment was on a facebook group and she posted
she wasn´t really happy with the class.

When I read the post I immediately freak out...
if you´re an instructor of any kind you may understand what I´m talking about.

I start thinking what am I doing wrong?
is it the drawing?
is it the video light?
is it my English?
is it? is it?

And then the big question appeared
To where are you focusing Guada?

There are lots of students right now (over 60 in fact) having fun in class.
They are drawing, painting, learning and supporting each other.

And yes, there is one not so happy student
you can´t please everyone.

While I was thinking about this I came a cross with a couple of
students struggling with their inner perfectionist,
they do outstanding (believe me OUTSTANDING!) drawings and paintings but
they can´t focus on that.
They focus on that little spot where they miss a line or a brushstroke.

Can you spot a pattern?
yes, we are slaves of our own points of view.

The good news - because there is ALWAYS something POSITIVE
behind every small fact in live -  is that you can change your focus in the blink of an eye.

If you´re an artist struggling with an art piece you can take some distance from it,
go for a walk, watch a movie, take a nap, cook something insanely tasty
and then go back to your painting desk with a positive attitude.

Attitude is everything ;)
Focus on the positive ♥

By the way this are week 1 and 2 portraits from the class.
I´m teaching how to draw, paint and add every little detail
on this two paintings.

and we have one more week to enjoy!


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Hope to see you in class!

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