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Dancing in the dark



I had this piece in my mind since before going into surgery the past 17 of November.

I created the layers in my mind once and again and again ...and again
As the days go by I didn´t find my way back to paint and create,
I´ve been there more than once...on that dark zone where you can´t
move towards paper or canvas to start creating.

You may not know it but I´m a warrior, a peaceful warrior.
For me giving up is not an option, if there´s life there´s hope.

So yesterday I started to add texture and paint, just for the sake of playing
My only goal was to have fun.

I can´t tell you how much I enjoyed gluing all those tiny peaces of collage!
I´ve always enjoyed doing small and detailed things

I managed to put two backgrounds together...and now?
well...I had to keep going

 I choose to work on this one first so I draw the feet

Oh! the glory of puting a creative idea out of my mind and into the paper know what I´m talking about ♥

Not very often I have a piece on my mind from start to finish but this one
was there all the time. I knew I wanted half a Mandala under the feet symbolizing
what nourishes me.

I have to tell you I ADORE how the whole piece ended.
Right now it means the whole world for me :)

I plan to do something today with the other background, 
will keep you noticed about it.

Just to let you know I´m recovering very good physically from the surgery
it´s my mind who is taking a bit more of time but it´s happening :)

Art is helping me to heal ♥

By the way...I didn´t have the chance to put down the Cyber Monday discounts
I will do it next Monday so you can still take advantage of the

Enjoy the weekend and be HAPPY!
Love you ♥

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