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Introducing Sacred Geometry 2 by Artistcellar and a GIVEAWAY!



 Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

Today I´m introducing you to a new set of stencils by Artistcellar
I have to admit Sacred Geometry 2 is my new favorite one!
I LOVE them since I open the envelope 

Let me show you what I did with them.

I´m on vacations at the beach so I brought with me my handy journal,
I always bring this journal to the beach and I love to see how my art evolves year by year.

I started with a grey background and painted a face on it
(psst! I´ll teach this new style on my upcoming class Let it be, more info soon).
Once this was done I use one of the stencils to trace the design with a graphite pencil

Then I used a Masking fluid to mask the design

Once the masking fluid was dried I used black acrylic ink

To achieve a marble effect I did some splattering with white acrylic  ink

Now I just needed to wait until all it´s dried and peel the masking fluid off.
At last I did some more splattering with the white acrylic ink and added some blue spots with a paint marker.


Here is a view of my working table :)

And here are other pages I did with the same technique using other stencils from the set

On this page I used the same technique but with watercolors.

Now let´s go to the GIVEAWAY details:

To enter the giveaway please be sure to leave me a comment below and also share the link in any of your social media. I also encourage you to visit the others artists blogs to for increasing your chances to win and watch more great art!!

February 29th - Lisa Cousineau/Artistcellar 
March 1st - Stephanie Gagos
March 2nd - Lisa Chin
 March 3rd - Linda Edkins Wyatt
March 4th - Sarah Trumpp
March 5th - Effy Wild
--->> you are here March 6th - Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal

Have a great day ♥

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