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Hello everyone!
Hope you´re all doing great ♥

I´m super exited to share with you the last news.
First of all I´ve realized I didn´t share with you the last lessons from
Guada´s Art Club so, here we go:

March lesson:
This lesson was about doodling, pattern and painting over collage
So much fun!

April Lesson:
This one is all about circles, collage and also painting over collage

Look all what we did just for the first four months of the year!
There are still 8 months to keep working,
can you imagine all the art and beauty we can create together?

If you didn´t subscribe to the club yet it´s never too late :)

For a limited period of time you can purchase an annual subscription with a 20% OFF!

IMPORTANT: If you buy an annual subscription you´ll be able to access the past four months contents plus the future ones of course, so be sure to choose the 20% reduced year option.

  If you choose the monthly option you´ll be charged monthly and will receive the contents from the month you subscribed on (not the previous ones).


 I wanted to put this class together since a loooong time ago and it´s happening now.
Unfallen Angels is all about MALE PORTRAITS, collage and painting over it and of course Angels, but don´t expect sweet cherubs...this angels are peace and love WARRIORS, strong and with character but at the same time tender and merciful ♥

Registration opens next week so stay tuned! 

Have a nice weekend!
Love and light ♥

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