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About Guada

"My name is Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal but you can call me Guada. 

I`m an artist, a singer, and a creative coach. I live in Argentina and work as a full time artist and Mandala coach."

You can find me here:

In 2005 Guada discovered Mandalas and meditation and their healing power. She explored and research about the meditative effects on the brain and devised her own creative approach which she called "The art of changing your mind through Mandalas". She discovered her natural painting talent and opened an art school in Buenos Aires where she teaches as a full time artist, coaching and sharing her intuitive painting method.

Guada spends her time inspiring new and established artists to embrace their own style and story; she believes that our personal stories lead to our personal creative style. She has also embraced her passion for singing and recorded her first solo CD "Infinite Harmony", with mantras and music to meditate to while you paint. More recently, Guada expanded her boundaries and now inspires international students from around the world through her on line classes; her students enjoy her fun, relaxed classes, and her philosophy that "Everything will be ok if you just follow your heart".

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