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Discipline and creativity


I fill like if I´ve just get down from a roller coaster
Ghost Girls class irst round has just ended and what a ride it was!

I originally planed two main lessons and one fill in video each week but something happened during the class
I was enjoying it so much that I challenged my self to share one video each day from Monday to Friday.
And I did it!

Look what I´m talking about:

week 1: Front portraits

week 2: 3/4 portraits

week 3: profile portraits

 week 4: create your own templates

week 5: puting all together

Amazing isn´t it? 
we draw, paint, sketch and giggle a LOT!

But the main lesson for me was about discipline and creativity, 
for me they are both different faces of the same coin ;-)
Your muse has to catch you working, creativity isn´t pasive is an active matter.

For me the challenge wasn´t making art every day because I DO ART EVERY DAY

My challenge was to keep my students inspired every day
and I succed :)

 During the class I posted one video each day
3 main lessons and 2 inspirational videos

So, class has just end and I´m burst with new ideas!

 I decided to start a 2nd round of GGC next December the 2nd and
there are some early bird price spots available now!


Hope to see you in class!

Remember to stay creative♥

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