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It´s birthday time!


Today it´s my Birthday  
and I´m happy as a dog with two tails :)
So much love surrounds me, I´m overwhelmed and grateful...♥

 As you know I´m one of SOUL FOOD teachers
and this week was the lovely Cathy Bluteau lesson´s turn
I must tell you, she rock it! totally
Her lesson inspired me to do this art piece, it was so much fun!
let me show you more details...

Cathy´s lesson involved a mixed media cake which instantly inspired me to do something for my own birthday
Isn´t this a great invitation for a girls birthday party? :)

I´m not a huge fan of journaling but Soul Food lessons really inspire me to write
and it fells SO GOOD!

It says:
Light a candle
Make a wish
Honour your Life...♥


For the embellishments I used some stencils
of course you can get them in Artistecllar´s on line store

so, I know I told you yesterday I´ll have a BIG surprise for you today..
but today there´s too much exitement so I´ll release the whole thing tomorrow
but be prepared... you want to take any of my classes?
ok, it´s a deal, tomorrow you´ll know why but for today check what I have to offer 

Please celebrate with me...this will be the best year of my life
I know it
I´ll make it real
and let me tell you, you are IN IT♥

at last...
please, whatever happens

 Don´t drop the cake! :D

Have a great day and see you tomorrow

Love and Light


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