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About big cities and small towns


Hi sparkling souls :)
I´m in the middle of a short three days trip that became four because of the rains.
A big storm catch us so we decided to wait until it stops.
Being in the middle of the country in this conditions it´s a bit scary for a city girl.

Every time I visit some small town I start listening this little voice inside my head that tells me ...I could live here, far from the big city, in peace. Yes I could.

And every time I speack this at loud my mom says: are you sure? 
and the family? and your friends?
...and even with all her questions I keep listening a big YES! inside
But not now, maybe some years from here.

I was born and live in Buenos Aires, our capital city. 
A big city that´s floaded with cars, people, insecurity...but it also has art stors, cinemas, museums, art know.
Don´t misunderstand me, I love my city but I´m feeling the urge for more peace, 
more green, and at the same time knowing a new place, new people. 
A new begining :) It sounds exciting.

I´m actually stoping in a town called 9 of July (9 de Julio)
and I´m in love with this benches <3

Everyone seems to have one!
aren´t they lovely?

The following two are my favorite ones :)
I LOVE this one with the broken leg

I can see myself doing some mosaic art on them for living for example :)

People here know their neighbors, 
they sit and to chat with each other and drink "mate" :)
Time seems to stop here, it´s like if I go into a time tunnel...

I also fell in love with this dolls showcase

aren´t they the sweetest thing?

I know some of my readers may live in small towns, 
so, can you share your experiences?
I would love to hear from you :)

Love and light♥

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