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The last weeks have been all about adaptability...
My apartment was painted and all the carpets were removed and replaced.
Which means  I had to empty the rooms, put all my stuff in boxes
(arrrgggg I don´t even want to remember!)
The good news is that it´s all done and it looks AMAZING!

I want to be honest with you my dears...
I don´t like extrange people coming into my place, 
moving things and caos makes my bad mood rase to very high levels.

The thing is I like changes and embrace them but as any other mortal I resist them and I know myself enough to know even though I will love the final results the meantime it´s really hard.

Last night for the first time in weeks! I was able to enjoy my house and spend some time painting yay!!

Her name is Adaptability ;)
and she´s part of a new series.

Some weeks ago while I was at the waiting room in hospital waiting for my mom I had the idea of working in a new series based on the Four Elements (Earth, water, air and fire), so I started looking for symbols to add to my art.

The thing is while I was searching I came accross with the fact that the turtle is the symbol for Adaptability.
This is interesting for me because I´ve always been scared of turtles, even though I love them I´m you get where I´m going?

So last night while I was painting her the turtle symbol came to my mind and I was able to realize even if it´s hard Adaptability is a quality of our true nature.

 If you follow my art you know I ussually draw dreamcatchers around my girls eyes.
That´s how I represent the wise look, the inner view to my higher self, my real nature.

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Have a beautiful weekend!
Love and Light

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