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xox bookmarks a blog hop and a giveaway!


Done with "Marked" Series by Lynn Krawczyk from Artistcellar

As many of you know I was born and live in Argentina so my mother language is Spanish.

I did my elementary school in an English school which was a real blessing in my life.
I´ve always loved the English language :)

Some years ago when I started offering on line classes in English I was scared to death!
and even actually sometimes I feel very frustrated 
when I want to express an idea and I don´t find the right words.

At the same time I started my on line classes I meet lot´s of people in the social media
which was a new challenge...
you know how people write on facebook and twitter or on their blogs.

So I started to notice the xox xxx xoxoxo here and there.
One day the lovely Tamara Laporte aka Willowing sent me an email 
and under her name it was this xox thing again.
So I asked her what does that means and she was very kind explaining me
they represent hugs and kisses :)

That´s one of the reasons I was so excited when I received Marked series stencils!
because I know what´s about

I decided to do some bookmarks to show you how I used "Marked" Series stencils

I also did a step by step video to keep you inspired
hope you like it! :)

do you want to win a set of this amazing stencils?

"Marked" Series by Lynn Krawczyk from Artistcellar

then we have a deal, live me a comment below and I´ll pick a winner during next week
but wait! 
you have more chances to win and be inspired :)
on the following artists blogs

can´t wait to get a set?
you can buy them here

Find more about this and other stencils on Artistcellar´s web

A reminder:
Registration for my new class Sweet Little Houses opens next week
keep an eye over here, there will be and early bird discount :)

Love and light♥

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