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we are family...♥



Sibling love...♥
The past months I had this idea in the back of my mind
...if you are and artist you may know what I´m talking about :)

I imagined this dolls, dreamed with them, 
built and rebuilt them in my imagination once and again until the idea exploded.

  The fact is that I HATE sewing... it really isn´t my stuff.
But I couldn´t hold the idea any more and I just did it :)

First I did the big one (the one it says CREATE)
and then decided to maker her a little sibling ♥

 and now I just can´t stop!!

Some people asked me if I will teach how to do this cuties
 and of course I´m thrilled to tell you I´m totally buiding a Dolls class yay!!
More info is coming along VERY SOON.

45% OFF in ALL my classes

Massive Discounts in all my classes thru next Sunday!
Believe me they are **Massive**
Peace to all...

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