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Memories of my birthday and PWYC ends today


My very special present of the night

Good morning beautiful souls!!
OMG I´m beyond words happy! I feel so loved....I´m blessed

Yesterday was a full celebration day :)
The day went more more or less like this...

  • At 00 hours my mom and nephews call me singing happy birthay 
That kids are so cheerful!
I went to sleep with my heart full of love ready to celebrate
  • I woke up at 8 am with my email inbox floaded with good news
  it´s a succes :)
But not only because LOTS of people sign up to my  
but also because I received lots of grateful emails thanking the chance
to take this class.

I´m soooo happy I decided to do this!

  • At 11 am I went to the grocery and I came across with my mom and my little
    nephew. When he saw me he run to me and crush me with the better hug ever!
    Then he told me: "aunt can you please NO go near grandma´s car? we can´t drove you back to your home because your presents are there!"
    He made a little pause and realized my car was there too so he said:
    "besides, your car is here, you don´t need us to take you home!".
    He is used to ask and give you the answer all in the sentence LOL
    This 6 years old little guy makes my heart sing every single time ♥
  • At 8 pm the family arrived!
    As I live by myself in an apartment we usually celebrate my birthday in my brother´s house but this time I wanted to receive them at home
    I live on a 7th floor and I have the best view of the city

and the fact is my dear friends this is all what matters
It´s all about bounds and family

my mom makes always the best cakes! this one it was delicious

 with all the pros and cons at the end of the way
this little bunch is where I belong

 Let me introduce them
My brother Patrick, mom Grace and my sister in law Alejandra

and of course the two little squirrels of the pack
Patrick is the older brother with his 11 years old
and John Paul on his sweet 6 years old

As I told you at the beginig of this post I received lots of presents 
but this was the very special one
When my mom asked the boys what they wanted to give me for my birthday 
she told me there were some options but John Paul said:
"I want to give aunt Fafa a box of chocolates with the shape of a heart".
So yep...we have a romantic in the family ♥
and the chocolates also came with a bouquet of violet flowers 
because that little guy has a crush with violet colour by this days.
They call me aunt Fafa but that´s a story for another post...

So my friends the day was perfect :)
Besides this my facebook profile was floaded (literally!)
with hundreds of best wishes and love. Thanks to all for that!!

I don´t want the party to end!
Lets extend the fun for one more day yay!!

Remember this is the deal
I´m offering the WHOLE Sitting Beauties Series

which regular prize is $65.- dols

but only for today you can
   so GO GO GO!

Please be sure to pay only through this link. Thanks!


Have a nice day my friends
Love you all!

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