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Drawing out of the box!


What am I drawing?
Seeds, flowers, ET flower cells...?

 Some weeks ago I started having the need of drawing and painting something new
...have you been there?

I thought...ok, I need to start thinking "out of the face" for a while.
That means I needed to paint something else than faces and portraits for some time.

Don´t misunderstand me, I LOVE painting and drawing portraits 
but I needed some fresh air :)
Her classes are so inspiring, I love her art!
And one drawing took me to another one
...and this is what happened!

 I have to recognize I didn´t followed her step by step instructions
(in fact I didn´t even use the exact supplies she´s using...I never do!)
But who cares! I got exactly what I was looking for, my creativity was ignited!

 I keep thinking...are this fowers? cause they don´t feel like they are
or maybe seeds?
They remind me to cells...I think so many years sitting behind a microscope
have influenced my imagery association lol!


 The most important part in all this story is that I have lots of new ideas!
I´ll show you more the next week.

Tomorrow I´m heading a road trip for a couple of days with my mom and a friend :)
Last year after a four days road trip I decided I´ll be doing one or two every year
and this is the perfect time for it!

BUT I´ll be here next Monday right in time to start the

Wish you all an inspired weekend♥

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