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1/30 About focus...


I´ve been out of power for the last week...
yes, believe it or not...the whole 7 days.
Power is restored for a couple of hours (literally no more than 3 hours a day!)
and then is gone again.

Long story short, since this happened I started to paint a LOT.
I´ve painted some Mandalas and started my watercolor exploration.

 For the last weeks I´ve been out of focus, maybe you know the feeling of wanting to paint but not finding the energy to move yourself to do it. Sounds familiar?

The most insidious is that I know how to get out of that zone but don´t do it.

Creativity and focus are not a magic power or something some of us have and others don´t. They are a muscle but YOU need to put them to work.

Inspiration and good ideas is not something you´ll find in the turn of a corner,
just like that. It´s something you have to practice, it´s a METHOD.

This said, a few minutes ago I came across this brillant post from Leo Babauta 
about distraction and how to restore your focus.

Seriously...I wasn´t searching for this kind of message but the Universe just put it in front of my nose. I sooooo love when this happends! and OK I get the message.

One thought took me to another one and I realized I never end any challenge, 
I always have a million excuses and let them go without finishing.

I´ve always wanted to do a 30 days blogging challenge...
what do you think? 
will I be able to do it this time?
let´s figure it out :)

Don´t spect long posts every day but join me and let us see how I manage this!
 See you tomorrow :)

Love and light♥

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