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Art is about experimenting... and practice!


Good morning here in Argentina!
Hope you´re all doing great around the world.

Now that Book of Trees class live session is finished
(you can always join the class and do it at your own pace)
I have a bit more of time to experiment and play.

Some days ago I had a wonderful chat with my dear friend Jeanette about 
adding more media to my portraits and from that chat and her encouragement
I get to this...

Step 1

Step 2

The final piece :)

Before this one I did the following one

I have a couple more ideas to develop during the next days and then
by popular demad I will turn the technique into and online class! yay!

Stay tuned ♥

Remember you an always watch my step by step process on Instagram

2016 is soooo near!! can you believe it?? Because I can´t

Jeanette and I have BIG planns for next year
...believe me you DON¨T want to miss what´s coming...

Check Jeanette´s youtube channel and subscribe!
I´m sure you´ll love it!

Have a nice day!
Love and light ♥

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