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Lady with daisies. Step by step and art prints



Good morning here in Argentina!
Last weekend I worked on this lady with daisies ♥

Lately I´m embracing my favorite way to start a painting
I just build a background and from there I create the final painting.

This process is much more easier and enjoyable for me than starting with the character
and then build a background.

I used a brayer to apply a dark blue acrylic mixed with a bit of clear gesso 
to build a proper surface to draw on.

I also played a bit with white gesso and a stencil to make the white spots.

As my background was quit dark I used a white pastel pencils to draw her,
after that it was time for the underpainting layer.

This underpainting is very important to get a nice skin tone ;)

After several layers of acrylics she started to emerge! ♥

For the skin tone I used the following colors:
Burnt sienna
yellow achre
white gesso

For her hair I used Uni Posca extra fine paint markers. and for the daisies I used acrylics. The details where made with more Uni Posca medium point paint markers.

During the same painting session I also built some fun papers and another background :)

What should I do on this new pink background?
...any ideas?

let me a comment with your ideas and I´ll check them back tomorow ♥

Last but not less!
I´ve added this and other paintings to my Society 6 shop yay!!

Good news!
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so GO GO GO and buy your favorite ones :)

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See you!

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