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Moms are wise...


My mom is one of my best friends, with my 41 years I learned that she´s a wise woman first because she has the experience of a hole life and second because she loves me like no other being in this world.

Yesterday we were drinking some coffee in our favorite coffee store, just talking about every day life issues and she told me a few words that really meant a hole world for me, specially coming from her.

She told me "you need to start painting Mandalas again..."

The last months I draw and paint as crazy but I was focused in other tipe of paintings, I work a lot in mix media and portraits.

The quote says: "you are perfect" "you are Loved"

But moms are I follow her advice and started this one yesterday night.

Thank you mom♥ I love you soo deeply


Remember I´m one of the Life Book teachers!

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