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Music from my soul


Some years ago when I discovered my inner artist something amazing happened, I discovered I am a mix media artist but also a singer.
It`s funny how the Universe works, I`ve always loved singing but never realize how good I was :)
I just wanted to let my voice flow, to sing from my soul.
I was blessed at that time Andres Saggio came to my life in the most amazing way. His talent, his voice but most of all he`s kindness made magic in my life.
I studied overtone singing with him and that was a revealing and healing process I`ll always treasure.

Here`s Andres in his studio, I adore that`s like a sanctuary for me

After that I studied Indian music with Carolina Chrem...another special soul.
So so so talented!! and so generous, her voice is a caressing for the soul.

this one is my favorite mantra from moving isn`t it?

I`ll always feel blesed for being their student and friend.

Lots of you usually ask me about my music so I decided to upload a taster of my cd songs.
You can hear them here >>> Guada`s music
and if you like it, you`re welcome to buy an mp3 download of my single cd and Mandalas.

Recording a cd with my music was one of my wildest dreams and it came true, I still have more wild dreams to come true♥
I want to go to the next year!!
Please dear Universe listen to my wildest call :)

Remember you find me on:

The Seed of Life Free class starts next 8th of October
In a fewe days I`ll be posting a new Mandala template, tips and trics

Love you all
♥ Guada ♥

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