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What`s on my desk today


A few days ago I came across with the incredible artist Peter Mitchev.

His work came to me through Sharon Tomlinson`s A Diary of Faces class (wich indeed is a great class!).
I inmediatly fall in love with his work, I adore the intimacy of his characters, they really talk to me.
So I was inspired and started what`s on my desk today♥

My first step was the background, I choose three different cloths with different patterns and glue them to my canvas. I really like to paint over cheap cotton cloth, paint works great there.
I apply a soft layer of gesso to soften the pattern of the cloth and started working on the characters.

I was inspired to paint a maternity but I think the right side face must have been smaller to really look like a child...

For the blanket that covers the characters I used pieces of scrap papers and paint the joints with acrylic.

Then I added acrylics to the background to disguise the cloth.
It isn`t finished yet but I`m pretty happy with how`s working :)

a reminder...
The Seed of Life free class starts next 8th of October so you`re all invited to sign in
In the meantime you can find some Mandala templates and inspiration here, and listen to a taster of my music here

♥ Guada ♥

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