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Dear Universe I`m listening

11/8/12 the call of my wild soul

Last week I received my Kelly Rae Roberts 2013 Callendar , my goodness! 
I can´t believe how lovely it is.

I show it to one of my best friends and we stop some time to some sort of "analize" her art, she didn´t knew Kelly's art and she fall in love at first sight.

We spend some time talking about the quotes on her moving and profund, her faces and papers, so much to look.
In some part of the chat we ask each other what does Kelly`s art had that people love it so much? ...and we arrived to this conclutions:
  1. Because her art is full of meaning and hearted messages, you can see her soul through it.
  2. Because she is consistent, she works, she knows what she wants.

This chat made me think about my art and what is missing, and I discovered a pattern.

Every time I start a new piece of art I have an intention, hope you know what I´m talking about, there`s always a quote there in my mind like a mantra, but here comes the pattern, every time I finish the piece i´m afraid that the quote will ruin it, I`m afraid about my bad handwriting, about the aesthetics of the whole piece and lots of other excuses.

What I realize is that every time I don´t put that quote where is meant to be I`m stealing some part of the piece soul, there`s some part of the message I`m keeping for me and that doesn´t goes into the world.

I decided I want to breack this pattern, so spect more quotes on my art :-) No more excuses!

Dear Universe: I`m listening to the call of my wild soul.

♥ Guada ♥
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