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Be Brave


Hello my dears!
Soul Food started this week and what a blast it is already!
so much art, fun and creativity, I´m thrilled to be part of this amazing class :)

Mystele´s first lesson was so inspiring that I couldn´t resist it and
Be Brave is my art piece inspired on her lesson.

The last week of 2013 I made a decision that will turn my whole life 180 degrees,
I wont be the same person in a few months, literally.
I´ll tell you more in a few weeks. was hard and I´m as happy as afraid for what this decision involves
I need all the courage I can get and this little girl helped me so much!
I´m so thankful that I brought her to life :)

The little houses represents my body, my temple.
I also made some encouraging writing for myself ♥

my body is my temple

It says: hang in there sweet girl...♥

 Be Brave...♥
The good news is that you can still join Soul Food! yay!


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     Have a beautiful weekend!
    Love and Light

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