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I am my own goal keeper


Last year one of my goals was to join an art challenge
I had some in mind I really like but the fact is that they ended just my mind.
They never saw the paper or canvas or anything.

For some reason this year began in a different way
(my friend says it´s Pluto starting to transit my Solar revolution)

 I joined The Documented Life Project 2015. The original one
And just like that I started with the first challenge :)

You must visit the challenge, 
it´s totally free and they have some yummy videos for the 1rst week challenge 

I approach the videos as I do with any other lesson
I wrote about this the past year here

I took a piece of paper and list the supplies used in order as a guide
and started playing. 
You may also add more details to the list if you want, it´s all up to you.

I like to think on this process like learning to ride a bicycle
at the begining someone leads the way and pushes the bike
but at some point you get speed and balance to start riding by yourself :)

I started with the list above and ended with the supplies below
Not too much hmmm? and I avoided the pencil sketch this time
I draw her straightaway with a black ball pen.

For her aura I used my new Digital Mandala print

 I distressed a tag to write and in some way "hide" my goals from other´s people eye
some of them are private.

Hope this inspires you ♥

Next Saturday is 10 of January and it´s my Birthday!!
but this time I will have some surprises for you...
stay tuned.

Do you love mixed media rag dolls?
Stay tuned
Sibling Love class opens for registration in a few days :)
I will teach how to make two dolls, big and little sister.
Stay tuned for the Early Bird registration!
Peace to all...

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