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the story behind the spider


Some years ago when I quit my hospital job my life changed in ways I´ve never dreamed …or yes I dream it and it became truth.

Had spent more or less six months since I quit and that morning I woke up with something between my eyes, something that itches a bit.

I started my day as always but in the afternoon the itch started to bother more and more, and my forehead started to swell so I went to a mirror and I realized something had bite me…but what?

I live in an apartment, seventh floor…no garden, just a couple of plant pots in my terrace.

So I started to dig into my memory…some days ago I saw a little spider in the corner of my room near my bed.

I call a friend who´s also a doctor in medicine and he prescribe me some ATB and antihistamine, the day after I was a monster, literally, my face swelled and my forehead itched more and more!

All my family and friends were concerned, my mom wanted to start a spider hunting…

that´s me and my older nephew by that time

 here you can see the bite almost healed...yes it was nasty

Me? I was in some kind of slow motion mode...observing, witnessing. 

The bite was in the exact middle of my forehead, right where the third eye lie.

By that time I was playing concerts (yes, I´m a singer, you can listen my cd here) and I always place a bindu in that exact place.

A bindu is a rhinestone you put to point the third eye, you get what I`m talking about ;-) 

How could that possible be a casualty? 

And some way in the middle of this process I understood what the spider bite was showing me:

“Go back to the center, focus on what´s important, don´t forget me…you´re never alone”

It took me more than a month to heal that bite and I have a scar left so I never used my bindu again, a spider gave me one I will never forget and I´m grateful for her service.

 the scar today

And I didn´t allow my mom to hung or kill any spider, and they never bite me again ;-)

My last three days have been complicated, every time something big is coming to my life my sleeping rhythm turns irregular and turns my life upside down, believe me…that´s not fun.

Yesterday while I was drawing this Animal Mandala for September I realized I was drawing my own story, that little spider keeps telling me where to focus…

She whispers…go back to the center my sweet girl, you´re not alone, you can do this.

Finally last night I slept like a baby :-)

Have a bright day my dears, we are not alone 
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