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Mixed Media and Mandala Art, my new online class!


Yes! my new class is ready to go♥
It officially starts next December 14th

If you want to join the class

Please check the outline...I thinks it´s really cool

Week 1: December 14th
  • Creating wonderful backgrounds for tags, cards, Mandalas, etc

Suplies for this weekGesso, Acrylics, Brayer, any kind of Stamps. 
If you don´t have stamps I´ll give you some ideas to replace them,  don´t worry.

♥After this week we break for Christmas and begin again on January 4th.♥

Week 2: January 4th
  • Making a mixed media background for a Mandala design and applying layers of geometry

Suplies for this weekAcrylics, Watercolour pencils, Pens (I use Faber Castell PITT pen), Square, Compass, Blending stump

Week 3: January 11th
  • Including characters in your Mandalas. Mixed Media background

Suplies for this weekAcrylics, Watercolour pencils or crayons, Pastels, Pen, Square, Compass, Blending stump

Weeks 4 and 5: January 18th and 25th
  •  Including animals in your Mandalas. Mixed Media background

Suplies for this weekAcrylics, Pen, Square, Compass

During the class I´m going to show you first how to create this kind of textured backgrounds and next how to use them for your Mandalas or other art work

The course will run in Tam´s awesome art site

If you want to join the class

Also remember I´m one of the Life Book teachers!

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