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The joy of give and receive art


Art by Cary Scholes

Some weeks ago the lovely Cary Scholes ask me to be part of her awesome art journal and I have to say I was super excited and anxious waiting the mail since she wrote me telling the journal was on flight to Argentina♥

It was Wednesday evening before dark and I was with a group of spoiled students (believe me they`re spoiled by this teacher...I usually receive them with the most nice blend of tea and sometimes with fresh orange and apple juice I personally do).

I was at the kitchen doing some juice and one of the girls shouted:
Guada! you have mail under your door! and it`s a lovely envelope!!

I knew it was Cary`s journal so I had to stop the class and open the envelope with all my girls around :)
...and I was so thrilled, so much art and love on that pages, it was a blast!

I was amazed by Diana`s yummy colours and sparkle art! her mermaid was so cute and soft. Love it♥
Diana Rast lovely mermaid

Julliette`s Crane work was also there!! since I`m a great fan of her art being able to see it on live was an extra bonus :) Her owls are so cute and moving.

Cary not only trusted and sent me her art journal but she also sent me her sweet art.

Cary`s gift 1. The Rumi`s quote it still make my tears run.
Cary`s gift 2. Art other words will be more right for me. Thank you  Cary !

Since Cary told me the journal was on travel I knew I`ll be doing one of my Mandalas for her, she didn´t ask for nothing special she just wrote: When it comes, you can do a one page or two page spread, whatever you wish or makes you happy!

So...ok if you give me space girl i`ll certainly use it :) and that spread of almost three pages made me very happy (by the way...the paper was superb! and the funny thing is that some days ago I discovered I have some at home but I had forget it).

All the art was done in just three days and since the minute I started until I finish it that quote was on my mind like a Mantra : 

You are perfect, You are Unique, You are Loved.

I knew that mesage wasn´t just for me so I pass it to her I love to say to my students
 "we are just the messenger, just empty yourself and let the real things remain"

I don´t know Cary a lot and of course I haven`t meet her in live, at least not in this life ;)
 I don´t know where she lives or if she has a dog or a cat...? lol
but I had a blink of her soul in her art and I know there`s a new friend crossing the ocean and I spect sometime my dear Universe allowes me to hold each other on a big hug♥

Please remember: Your Art is the prove of the sparkle of God you are.

Love and light for your steps

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